Apr 18

The very Best Apple TV deal ever!

Ok....so I have been an Apple TV fan for a couple years now.

My very first Apple TV was a 4rd Generation, and I was pretty much sold from the beginning. I loved how the interface pretty much mimicked the iPhone, which made it very easy for my wife to use. Which said a lot because she is not the most technically inclined person in the house.

When the 4th Generation Apple TV added the ability install apps; I finally made the decision to cut the cord.

Key to my being able to do this was the ability to install Plex on the Apple TV. With Plex, I could run scripts that would deliver my favorite shows to my Apple TV without commercials.

Flash forward just a coupe years and I have Apple TVs on every TV in the house; as well as the main video source in my home theater room.

When Apple introduced the 4K Apple TV, it quickly went my Christmas Wish List. But at $180 for essentially what I already had seemed like too much to spend at the time.

Then around December of this past year; AT&T's DirectTV Now started running a special promotion.

If you prepaid for 3 months of their service for $105; they would send you a brand new 4K Apple TV for free. Giving you a savings of $75 dollars.

I watched the websites to keep track of when the promotion would end (they have offered the same promotion now about two or three times, and I February I received a notification from my Bank of America checking account that they had a special with DirectTV Now that would refund $35 if you signed up for DirectTV Now using their debit card.

So off to the AT&T DirectTV Now websiteI went and happily gave them my Bank of America debt card and prepaid for three months of their service.

My total cost for my brand new 4K Apple TV was now only $70. A savings of $110!

As soon as Bank of America credited my checking account for the $35; I immediately canceled my DirecTV Now subscription so that it would automatically renew.

Interestingly enough, two days after I got another email from DirectTV Now offering me another 3 months of service for only $30.

That means this deal yielded a free Apple TV and six months of DirecTV Now service for only $100.

I've decided not to take them up on their offer (DirectTV Now pretty much sucks on the Apple TV); but at the end of the day I got a really great deal on a 4K Apple TV.

I believe that the amount of money that AT&T lost on this deal with me is a clear indication on just how badly they are struggling with their DirectTV Now service.